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King William of Orange (new) large hand flag


Hand Flag sizes 18″ x 12″ (45cm x 30cm) with wooden stick sold in dozens – Content 100% polyester

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<h2>King William of Orange large hand flag</h2>

The Flag of the Orange Order is also known as the Boyne Standard or the Orange Standard. This flag is used by the Northern Irish Protestant fraternal organisation- the orange order. The flag is commonly carried on Orange walks usually on July 12.

The Orange Order is a fraternal organisation which has 35k – 40k members. The yearly commemoration begins with bonfires and fireworks on the night of the 11th. Bonfires are built and lit on the 11th night across Ulster in representation of the camp fires of the king’s troops the night before the battle of Boyne.

The orange walk is the yearly Protestant celebration which started in Ulster and now takes place all over the UK and different commonwealth countries. It marks the day when Protestant King William defeated Catholic monarch King James ||. In addition, a Bill of Rights passed by the 1689 parliament declared that no future monarch could be a catholic or married to one.

This hang flag is in the larger size (18″ x 12″). It is also available in a smaller size to buy online today of (5″ x 3″). This flag is on an orange backdrop and displays King Williams ||| on a horse with the words ‘No surrender King William |||’.

The orange walks are a series of parades by the Orange order. This flag is perfect to take with you in you are planning to go to one of the Orange Walks. Additionally, members of the order commonly carry banners and flags in parades across the country.

Hand Flag sizes 18″ x 12″ (45cm x 30cm) with wooden stick sold in dozens – Content 100% polyester

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