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NHS Flag - Thank You NHS

Thank You NHS!

Say a big Thank You to the NHS with our hand-picked selection of flags, including our limited edition NHS flag. Due to the recent circumstances of COVID-19, the NHS is facing strains like never before and it’s important we show our thanks.

Although we may not be able to travel far at this time, there are a few simple acts we can do to show the NHS our appreciation. From clapping outside our homes to hanging flags such as these to show all our keyworkers our greatest thanks!

NHS Flag

It’s important in times like these that we all come together to help in whatever way we can, so we are showing our support with our Thank You NHS Flag! This specially dedicated flag is to celebrate the incredible work of the NHS.
In support and celebration, this flag is made up of a classicly British Union Jack design. With the words ‘Thank You NHS’, boldly printed across the centre. This design oozes a patriotic celebration!

A portion of the proceeds from each and every one of our ‘Thank You NHS flag’ sold, will go towards helping the NHS in their battle against COVID-19. NHS Charities Together.

This way we can all do our bit to show the NHS the support it needs. So, decorate your home with one of our fabulous flags and say thank you to the NHS, by contributing to the fight against COVID-19.

Shop Thank You NHS.

Join together and show our keyworkers the support they deserve whilst contributing towards the battle against COVID-19.
If you are looking to make a statement and show your support during these difficult times, we have handpicked a selection of flags we think are perfect. So, why not:

Or if you have somebody extra special you would like to send a message to then why not try our ‘make your own flag‘? This plain white flag is the perfect blank canvas to let your imagination run wild.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Or If you have any questions regarding, alternative sizes or designs get in touch. We can accommodate a range of varying designs and sizes, where possible, to suit our customer’s needs

Shop our handpicked Thank you NHS flags below:

Countries of the World Flag | Flags of the World (195 Countries 5'x3' digital print), , , , , £11.98
latest-products-2018 digital-printed-flags nhs-flag-thank-you-nhs flags-5-x-3 all-flags specialist-flags-5-x-3 world-flag-shop-latest-products flags specialist-flags
Thank You NHS 5'x3' - Thank You NHS Flag, , , , , £7.50
may-2020 nhs-flag-thank-you-nhs flags-5-x-3 all-flags miscellaneous-5-x-3 specialist-flags-5-x-3 world-flag-shop-latest-products flags miscellaneous specialist-flags
Union Jack Rainbow large hand flag - 18" x 12" Rainbow Union Jack, , , , £23.90
february-2020 nhs-flag-thank-you-nhs all-flags pride-flags gay-pride-hand-flags-18-x-12 world-flag-shop-latest-products flags gay-pride-hand-flags hand-flags
20m 50 flag Union Jack Triangle shape 8"x12" VE Day Bunting, , , , £21.59
nhs-flag-thank-you-nhs royal-wedding-2018 union-jack 20m-bunting decorative-bunting bunting
3m 10 flag Union Jack Bunting, , , , £7.19
nhs-flag-thank-you-nhs british-county-flags royal-wedding-2018 union-jack 3m-bunting bunting
Giant Union Jack 8'x5', , , , , , £19.19
nhs-flag-thank-you-nhs flags-8-x-5 royal-wedding-2018 all-flags union-jack world-country-flags countries-8-x-5 flags
Plain White 5'x3' - Design a Flag, , £7.50
nhs-flag-thank-you-nhs flags-5-x-3 irish-county-5-x-3 irish-county flags
Burns Night Flag | Scotland St Andrews (Saltire) Hand Flag, , , , £11.81
nhs-flag-thank-you-nhs all-flags scotland countries-hand-flags-6-x-4 6-nations-rugby countries-hand-flags hand-flags
Union Jack Pink/Red hand flag (Gay Pride), , , £11.81
nhs-flag-thank-you-nhs pride-flags union-jack gay-pride-hand-flags-6-x-4 gay-pride-hand-flags hand-flags
Union Jack Table Flag, , , £2.39
nhs-flag-thank-you-nhs royal-wedding-2018 all-flags table-flags-countries-countries-table-flags-6-x-4 countries-table-flags table-flags-2
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