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English County Flags

There are officially 48 counties in all of England and World Flag Shop have English County Flags for nearly all of them. We always take the time to add regional products and flag variations so that you have exactly what you need during county celebrations or events! And we guarantee that if you can’t see the English County Flag that you’re looking for, that we’ll do our very best to ensure that we get a special custom flag designed and made for you.

These English County Flags are rich in history, with most of these tracing their heritage back to the Middle Ages. Many of these counties have unique historical and cultural heritage, which makes these English County Flags the perfect way to show your pride or decorate any space during a regional celebration or parade. Available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and always made with the highest quality, these flags are made to last and are both durable and stylish.

Whether it’s hand flags, bunting, giant flags, or mini-flags, please feel free to check out our English County Flags below:

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