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Royal Green Jackets 5’x3′


Royal Green Jackets Flag

The Royal Green Jackets was a regiment of the British Army. The flag shows the Royal Green Jackets cap badge on a Forrest green background. The cap badge was a Maltese Cross which was drawn from the badges of the King?s Royal Rifle Corps and The Rifle Brigade with a combination of some of their battle honours on its arms. ?Their motto was Celer et Audax meaning Swift and Bold. The Royal Green Jackets were used as shock troops and marksmen and they had to get to the front line of battle as fast as possible. This flag is made from 100% polyester and printed using vivid colours.


Flag size 5′ x 3′ (1500mm x 900mm)

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Royal Green Jackets Flag from World Flag Shop

Flag size 5′ x 3′ (1500mm x 900mm) Content – 100% polyester

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