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Hampshire 5’x3′


Hampshire County Flag


Hampshire County Flag was registered on March 12th 2019 and shows a red rose on a yellow background and a gold crown on a red background. It is modified from the banner of arms granted to Hampshire County Council in 1992. Both the colours and the emblems have been associated with the country for centuries. This Hampshire County Flag can be used to show your pride for the county at any festivals or events happening throughout the year such as the county day which is held on the 15th July. The Hampshire County Flag is 5? x 3? (1500mm x 900mm) Printed with vivid colours on 100% polyester.


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This Hampshire County Flag is available from World Flag shop and can be used to show your pride of your county or at any celebrations or festivals held throughout the year.

Flag size 5? x 3? (1500mm x 900mm) Content ? 100% polyester

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