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World flags at World Flag ShopWorld Flags – has its origins on the West Coast of Scotland and is a family run business. All products sold by are produced under strict quality controls and are manufactured as souvenir collectables. is committed to developing a secure online relationship with its customers worldwide. We have a reputation for caring for our customers and we aim to provide service and satisfaction for every order. is the largest supplier of world flags in Europe. supplies directly from our warehouse, and purchases can be made online.  Our huge range of available designs cover ALL World Flags! Countries, Islands, Counties, Celebrations, Pride and many more. Choose from our range of sizes, from 8’x 5′ (250 cm x 150 cm) to as small as 6″x 4″ (15 cm x 10 cm). Fly our flags, hang them on your walls, wave them at celebrations, sit them on your desks, wear them as a cape or a waistcoat. Flags with eyelets, Hand flags, Table flags, Bunting, decorative flags, promotional flags, world flag waistcoats and much more.  Our flags are made of 100% quality polyester and are great value for money. also sell a range of garden and wall mounted flagpoles available from stock

To find the flag you wish, please browse through our easy to shop categories or type the name or country of the flag into the search box. will at all times try to represent world flags in their true colours and designs. There can however be differences and changes in images which will continue to monitor and change on a regular basis where necessary.

Whilst we endeavour to maintain consistency throughout our range of flags there could be at times, variances in the colour and design.

This can sometimes occur when products are manufactured using different printing techniques.

Often National flags do not have official colour pantones and therefore colours can vary.

The same can also apply to design, as elements can often be altered at the discretion of the printers.

Do you need to deck out a large two-story pub with colourful World Cup flags and bunting? Or maybe you want custom flags for a large-scale parade or event? Whatever the occasion is, the World Flag Shop is a flag wholesaler you can depend on.

A Flag Wholesaler is a company who offers businesses and retailers the opportunity to purchase a large quantity of products for a reduced price. This can help your business get everything you need from the same place, without the hassle of having to source products from all over the place.

Flag wholesalers also offer you the possibility to find exactly the kind of flag you’re looking for, at a price you’ll find nowhere else. We have an incredible variety of products on offer and we’ve composed several bundles and packs to help you mix and match. This way, you can be sure to get exactly the right size and type of flags. Our high-quality printing techniques allows us to print a several different sizes and prints that work for your business.

As a flag wholesaler, we have a multitude of fruitful partnerships with many businesses across the UK and Europe, which we provide with all the expert care and service that they require. We are proud to be the UK’s most dependable flag wholesaler, with quality standards that you can always rely on. We are, and always will be, a family run business that cares about our clients and our products, which is exactly why you can always expect the best flags from us at the very best prices.

We have a vast selection of World Flags for sale, from country flags to regional flags and supranational flags. It is a truly global selection of flags, covering every single continent. We even offer a wide variety of regional flags, state flags, and historical flags. These are perfect for national celebrations, like national days, or special events, themed events, food booths, marches, and parades.

Our selection of World Flags come in all shapes and sizes, including bunting, giant flags, stitched flags, hand flags, and table flags. We can always put together a bundle of several flags to give you a wide range of styles that fit your needs. These World Flags are all made from high-quality materials, including 100% polyester flags, which is an ideal economy option that still offers you our normal quality guarantee. Some of our larger flags, however, are made from a very durable, and slightly heavier stitched fabric that has that very classic look and feel to it.

Remember that we can always make a custom flag if your flag of choice is not in stock. Please contact us with any questions you have or make your way to our trade website to browse our current selection of flags and buy world flags.

Buy world flags at the World Flag Shop today!

If you want to order a flag which we do not currently offer on our trade website, we can always make a custom flag for you. These can be anything from a family crest, to historical flags or local flags. These custom flags are all made to the same high standards as the rest of our flags and are available in several formats, including large flags, hand flags, and table flags.

We make your custom flags by using innovative screen and digital printing, which is the best way to make high quality flags that last. We can then print your custom flag on a variety of different materials, including polyester, or a heavier duty stitched flag. Our custom flags come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, including large flags, hand flags, and table flags.

Please email [email protected] to enquire about our custom flags or call our office on 01560 480 333. Don’t forget to check out the custom flag section of our website to browse and buy custom flags.

*** Please be aware that a minimum quantity does apply on our custom flags. ***

Buy custom flags at the World Flag Shop today!

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